Band Sets St. Clement’s Day Release For Debut EP “Spaghetti Sandwich”



Vatican City,  8 November 2017 –
Upstate New York indie rockers Acme Anvil Corp have announced that their debut EP “Spaghetti Sandwich” will be released on 23 November 2017, St. Clement’s Day.

St. Clement, the Patron Saint of metalworkers and blacksmiths.

Recorded in 2017 at Electric Owl Works in South Wales, NY, the EP will feature five original songs as well as cover art by famed Polish graphic designer E. Krzysztof Kaczmarek of Grupa Projektowa Hipnozy, SP. z.o.o..

“We’re pretty excited about the timing” explains band guitarist and vocalist Ice Trés.  “St. Clement is the Patron Saint of blacksmiths.  What better way is there to celebrate ‘Old Clem’s Night’ than by cranking up our EP whilst following the traditions of this holiest of Feast Days and smashing gunpowder filled anvils with hammers?”

Acme Anvil Corp is currently working on a full length followup LP that is expected in 2018.

Acme Anvil Corp was founded in August 2016 during a random space-time event involving the ghost of Hockey Hall of Fame great, coach George “Punch” Imlach, and a Facebook post by the wife of band drummer, The Lock.

The band may be contacted at for promotional materials, interviews, and bookings.