Band & Electric Owl Works To Stream Debut EP On Thanksgiving/St. Clement’s Day



Vatican City and South Wales, NY USA,  16 November 2017 –
In a joint statement, upstate New York indie rockers Acme Anvil Corp and the Electric Owl Works recording studio have announced a free, streaming event of the band’s debut EP “Spaghetti Sandwich”.

The EP will be in constant rotation for twenty four hours at and will begin at midnight on 23 November 2017.  The broadcast will include the entirety of the EP as well as commentary from the band.

“We are very thilled, indeed, that we can provide this broadcast to the public on the great American holiday of Thanksgiving,” says band bassist John Paul “Geezer” McCartney.

“I’m hoping we can encourage people to get up, go outside, and get some exercise after a monster feast.  St. Clement’s Day is huge in Europe and you can really get a good workout in by smashing gunpowder filled anvils with sledgehammers,” said guitarist and vocalist Ice Très who then added, “And you don’t need a helicopter.”

“I’m pretty stoked that I’ve got the day off,” says band drummer The Lock. “Since I don’t have to work outside in the rain, I’m staying in and looking for all my missing cell phone charger cables.”

The EP will be available for purchase and streaming on all major online distribution platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and others.

Acme Anvil Corp is currently working on a full length followup LP that is expected in 2018.

Acme Anvil Corp was founded in August 2016 during a random space-time event involving the ghost of Hockey Hall of Fame great, coach George “Punch” Imlach, and a Facebook post by the wife of band drummer, The Lock.

The band may be contacted at for promotional materials, interviews, and bookings.